My current studio practice focuses on the idea of phenomena, or the unexplainable. I am fascinated with rationalizing such sensations by exploring imagery that relates to events in my personal experience and images found in art history, geology, alchemical engravings and natural history. In order to represent these ideas without any concrete representation, abstraction and symbolism are relied upon. The result takes form through traditional printmaking techniques, drawing, sculpture and installation.

  • BIO

    Karl LeClair migrated west from his home in New Hampshire to receive a BFA in Art Education, Printmaking, and Art History. In addition to serving the arts community through a position at the City of Boise's Department of Arts & History, Karl maintains an active studio practice that explores traditional printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installation. His work focuses on organic forms, vast spaces, and explorations into the figure. He is active locally, recently showing at the Boise Art Museum and the Eagle Performing Arts Center, as well as nationally, at the Center for Contemporary Prints in Norwalk, Connecticut. Additionally, he has conducted printmaking workshops at Wingtip Press, the Boise Art Museum, and The Atlanta School.